The Order Series

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When an attorney’s violent family history reemerges along with the one man who broke her heart, she must summon the courage to survive.


Both a victim and a witness…


Haunted by her family’s criminal organization, The Order, and her own kidnapping encounters, lawyer Lila Caldwell copes by immersing herself in her practice. But her career stalls when her mentor’s dying words send her on a quest for secret documents that could save her life.  


An unwitting pawn…


Upon learning of his new employer’s involvement in evil spy games, computer scientist Cody Green believes The Order is responsible for the dirty deeds but to prove it means he has to risk not only his life but the woman he reluctantly left behind.


Lila and Cody’s lives converge in a tangled web of romance and deadly plots. Soon, they discover they’ve been caught in a trap, and the only way out is to engage in a dangerous game to take down The Order…


Or die trying…


When truth shines a light, beware of the shadows

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When she finds her fiancé’s lifeless body days before their wedding, Marissa discovers his deadly secrets that now make her the target of a ruthless enemy. Army surgeon and would be best man, Justin springs into action as they battle for their lives and their hearts. 

Armed with a new identity Reid plans to right the wrongs of The Order, controlled by his family. Child psychologist, Holly, struggles with a horrific past and an escape convict father. When Reid and Holly’s worlds collide, they must play the enemy’s game or lose their lives and chance at love.

When Sloane fled her family and their evil cult, The Order, she didn’t expect her new life to be exposed by a chance encounter. But when Sloane and Adam, an FBI agent chasing an elusive serial killer, meet they must grapple with newfound feelings while struggling to stay one step ahead of an enemy out for revenge and murder.

2019 American Fiction Winner for Romantic Suspense