Thursday, May 21, 2020

When an attorney’s violent family history reemerges along with the one man who broke her heart, she must summon the courage to survive.

Both a victim and a witness…

Haunted by her family’s criminal organization, The Order, and her own kidnapping encounters, lawyer Lila Caldwell copes by immersing herself in her practice. But her career stalls when her mentor’s dying words send her on a quest for secret documents that could save her life.  

An unwitting pawn…

Upon learning of his new employer’s involvement in evil spy games, computer scientist Cody Green believes The Order is responsible for the dirty deeds but to prove it means he has to risk not only his life but the woman he reluctantly left behind.

Lila and Cody’s lives converge in a tangled web of romance and deadly plots. Soon, they discover they’ve been caught in a trap, and the only way out is to engage in a dangerous game to take down The Order…

Or die trying…

When truth shines a light, beware of the shadows

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Friday, February 22, 2019

Rolling Rocker news reporter shines the spotlight on Apollo band mates’ Freddie Davis and TJ Hardwood. While interviewing Freddie for a piece on intimate partner violence, the reporter learns the two men really do make beautiful music together—both on and off the stage.

As childhood friends, TJ and Freddie Davis had a singular goal—to become rock stars. But now that they’ve reached the pinnacle of success, they’ve drifted apart—a fact demonstrated by TJ’s “living like a Greek god” lifestyle. 

Attempting to move on from his unrequited love for TJ, Freddie begins a relationship with the band’s security guard. When the relationship takes a dark turn, his cymbals aren’t the only things crashing. 

After seeing Freddie’s bruised face, TJ confesses his desperate longing to have Freddie back in his life—and his bed. Plus TJ knows he’ll need his long time friend when cancer takes its toll on a loved one.

When these two lovers step into the Spotlight, they learn that money and fame can’t save them f...

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The fabulous Melanie Jayne has a new paranormal romance entitled, See Me. I've got my copy and can't wait to dive in!

These Aren’t your Grandma’s Type of Werewolves

SEE ME - The Novus Pack Book 1

Throughout history, The Lady, Goddess of the Lycan world, has gifted werewolf packs with humans who carry her mark. Theodora Morrissey’s plans to return to college for her graduate degree are ended when she is awakened by an otherworldly voice on a rarely used airstrip in Nebraska. Injured and disoriented, she has no idea the discoloration on her back has marked her as a Seer, and that she is now a possession—and the prisoner—of the Novus Pack of Lycans.  

To the Novus pack, the word of their leader, their Laird, is the law. With compelling gray eyes and long dark hair, Raider Black rules his pack with intelligence and ruthlessness. To cement the security of his pack, Black has committed to mate another Packleader's daughter. But he’s finding it impossible to fight his attraction to the pack’s all...

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Recently, my family and I took a trip to Washington, DC. Just visiting monuments and viewing historical artifacts gave me the feeling I'd embarked on a trek back in time. Although I’d visited the city several times, there is do much to see and do that every time is a new experience. The top activity on my list this time was a visit to the National Archives. I’m sort of a history enthusiast so the notion of actually viewing the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights was thrilling. After making our way through security we first got a glimpse at the Magna Carta. The yellowing document was barely legible but I could make out some of the writing. We then moved on through a museum highlighting various articles and significant policies throughout history. The beautiful rotunda holds the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The documents are encased with special glass and lighting and are watched over by several guards. It...

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I'm excited to present the cover of Book Three in The Order Series Order of Rage. Coming June 2, 2018! Pre-Order is available now on Amazon!

When chance brings you together, will rage tear you apart?

Dr. Carson Maxwell grew up with the best of everything. But all isn’t what it seems…

Five years ago, Carson escaped the clutches of her family’s insidious organization, The Order, and carefully crafted a new life in Boston, untouched by the imperious control of her past. When she witnesses a random crime the ensuing media spotlight shatters her carefully constructed façade. Running is no longer an option. Instead, she must turn toward her past and fight. Complicating matters, is her unexpected attraction to a handsome FBI agent.

Adam Forrester, FBI agent, has two goals: catch the elusive Birthday Killer who is viciously murdering Bostonian women and rise in the ranks of the Bureau. But when he meets Carson Maxwell, his life—and his heart careens off course. Danger surrounding this secretive wo...

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