Friday, May 5, 2017

What goes on in the brain during sleep interests me. I’m one of those people who enjoys rising early in the morning but also likes burning the midnight oil. Not good in terms of banking optimal sleep sessions. I’ve often complained about having to stop what I’m going to sleep.

But, I must admit to sometimes looking forward to the movies that traipse through my mind during sleep. Most of the scientific literature I’ve read, indicate nightmares can be a reflection of angst or unresolved issues in daily life. Maybe so, but as fun as it may sound to delve into my deep-seeded issues, I won’t tread into those murky waters.

Although I love writing and can’t picture a day when I’m not banging out a story, I find parts of my lifelong dream, stressful. Meeting deadlines, surviving critiques, obsessing over every word of every sentence, and simply trying to gain traction within the industry, has produced nights of frightful dreams.

Recently, I had a nightmare in which I was running away from a seria...

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