Welcome to my website!

I'm glad you're here. This website represents a milestone in my writing journey. I've moved from keeping my writing and my writing goals to the privy of a select few to opening up to all who dare click on this site.

So who am I and what do I want?

I like to think I'm a simple person, contrary to the high maintenance person my husband says I am. As a busy wife and mother, my writing quest is to create engaging stories that I'd want to read and hopefully others will too. With a lifelong love of reading anything from mystery/thrillers to science fiction to contemporary and the classics, I'm enjoying creating my own stories and characters. My writing journey will begin with my favorite genre, romantic suspense.

After many years of simply writing, I got more serious in 2013 when I joined Romance Writers of America. The education I've received has been invaluable but more importantly the support from fellow writers has enriched me in ways I didn't expect. I've been forced to stretch and bend when I wasn't sure I wanted to or even could, but each time I've grown stronger as a writer and a person.

Once again, thanks for coming. Please stick around. I'd like to share a little piece of this journey with you.

I will publish my first novel in the summer of 2015 under Dream Theory Publishing, so stay tuned!

Desert Road

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