One Toe at a Time

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Recently, I attended an event that celebrated romance. One of my author groups, Crossroads Romance Writers, held an author signing during the event. Even though my book is not yet published, I was encouraged to join in. I created business cards and a postcard with a blurb regarding my upcoming book.

As a new author I was nervous. I had no expectations for the day, other than to observe how my fellow chaptermates managed a signing, smile, and tell anyone who'd listen about my book. A couple of women stopped by the table. I took a deep breath and briefly explained what my book was about. They listened, nodded with approval, and even commented that my book was the kind they'd be interested in reading. I smiled and thanked them. Inside, I was doing the happy dance.

Kindness goes a really long way with me and I was thrilled to have successfully engaged others about my writing. Those women will never know the gift they gave me that day. They took the time to listen instead of zooming by an unknown, unpublished author.

As an introvert, I came home and deflated like an out of air balloon. But I dipped my toe in the water and it came back intact! From where I sit, the day was a complete success.

I'm so thankful for the support and guidance from my friends at Crossroads Romance Writers as well as my other author buddies.

One toe at a time!!

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