The Other Side of Fear

My upcoming book is entitled The Order of Fear. After tossing out several potential titles The Order of Fear floated through my mind and stuck. In a nutshell, one of the themes of this book is fear. Fear of evil, fear of failure, fear of love, fear of death, fear of truth, fear of happiness and fear of being true to oneself are a sample of some of the fears explored.

I thought about the idea of fear. In a dark parking garage fear helps my legs carry me with quickness to my car. Once safely inside the car, fear makes me exhale and lock the doors.

Fear can also be unhealthy. A bad experience at the dentist office has exploded into full-blown fear of sharp, shiny tools digging between my teeth and people poking around in my mouth. Fear can also move into phobias and when they are debilitating can be intrusive and disruptive to life. Okay when my blood pressure increases, every muscle is locked and someone has to remind me to breathe maybe my fear of dentists has really transformed into a phobia.

But fear is a daily constant. How we manage fear is a mark of determination and what action or inaction we’ll employ to deal with it.

The heroine and hero of my story, Marissa and Justin, struggle with their fears. Their journey not only forces them into life and death situations but also slams them head on into battle with their inner most fears. How they choose to manage those fears carries them along a twisting road of terror and self discovery to a point of no return.

When I decided to begin writing I knew I’d deal with the fear of failure and fear of the unknown. I’ve learned since then that there’s so much more to fear. However, I’m learning to use that fear to fuel my desire to improve as a writer, grow as a person and step outside my tiny comfort zone.

I came across a quote and it’s perfect for Marissa, Justin and me.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

- George Addair

So, here’s to the other side of fear.

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