I've Been Busy...

Over the last several months I have accomplished a lot.

I finalized a new logo. This new logo represents my publishing entity, Dream Theory Publishing. I chose the name Dream Theory as an ode to my left brain-right brain battles. I have a background in healthcare, specifically as a clinical trial manager and medical policy analyst. I’m also a very active dreamer and on particularly interesting nights I’ve been known to act out my dreams during sleep. Sometimes I even come away with new plot ideas. Dream Theory represents two sides of me: the analytical/theoretical side and the creative/dream side. It’s my wish to bring both out in my writing.

Also, in keeping with the new logo design, I made some minor tweaks to the website.

One of my biggest writing accomplishments yet is delivering my manuscript, Order of Fear, to Beta Readers. I have a small group of enthusiastic people currently reading my book in order to provide me with honest feedback about the story. I'll happily take any positive feedback, but it's the negative feedback that will help propel the book forward. I need to know where I can improve upon the plot, characters, and any other issues so I can make Order of Fear my best, most thoughtful, engaging story I can possibly write at this time.

I’m excited about my progress so far and look forward to learning, growing and improving as a writer.

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