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The A,B,C's

I decided to devote twenty six blogs to my upcoming book, Order of Fear. Each blog will be based on a letter of the alphabet and will not conclude until I reach letter “Z”. I'll be discussing unique aspects of my characters, settings, and plots (without giving anything away!). I’m basing this notion off a similar idea from my good friend and fellow writer, LaNora Mangano. Thanks LaNora!


Marissa Nash is the heroine of Order of Fear. For most of her life her family assumed she’d be a professional ballet dancer. As a child she showed a propensity for dance and was encouraged by her professional ballet dancer grandmother. Taken under Grandmother Maria’s wing, Marissa honed her dance abilities to the point she was ready to audition for Juilliard. Two weeks before her audition during her senior year in high school, Marissa was involved in a car accident, resulting in a broken ankle. During her recovery period she experienced a crisis regarding her future. She pondered her life in the ballet world. While dance had always been dear to her, a professional career would come with lots of uncertainty, bleak financial returns, and limited long-term career potential. Marissa had always been a good student with special love of math. She’d recently had inklings that she’d like to pursue a career in accounting. A CPA certainly had loads of long-term career potential and financial stability. After a conversation with her math teacher, Marissa decided to apply to college. Despite disappointing her grandmother, Marissa majored in accounting and now works for a private accounting firm. As a CPA with a MBA, she is well educated and finds her job more than just bean counting. She satisfies her creative, lyrical flair in her off time by continuing to dance while managing and teaching at her grandmother’s dance academy. It’s the best of both worlds. Marissa definitely dispels the myth that accountants are boring!

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