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C is For Canine

In my upcoming book, Order of Fear, a canine plays an important role in the story. Marissa Nash has a loveable, loyal guard dog named Halo. He has an off white, wavy coat and weighs about 100 pounds. Halo is a Kuvasz.

From my research, I discovered the Kuvasz breed. This breed appears to originate in 13th century Tibet and was brought to prominence by King Matthias of Hungary. The Kuvasz is known for guarding livestock and its owners. It’s a descendant from the Great Pyrenees and the Mastiff breeds.

Halo is an important character in the book. While of course he has no dialogue, his mannerisms, barks and expressions speak for him. In many ways, he is Marissa’s confidant and protector. His protective nature is on full display with most people, but he has an innate sense of detecting those who are pure at heart. He bonds with Justin and his young niece, Samantha, and immediately endears himself to these characters.

Interesting tidbits and legends about the Kuvasz:

-The Kuvasz is pronounced KOO-vahss; the plural is Kuvaszok, pronounced KOO-vah-sock.

-The word Kuvasz most likely comes from the Turkic word kavas meaning guard or soldier or kuwasz meaning protector.

-The maternal instinct is strong in this breed, whether male or female, and lends itself to their protective nature.

-The Kuvasz appears to be a creature of normality and picks up on out of the norm events.

-Hungarian (Magyar) tribes around 2000 B.C. brought Kuvasz dogs along trade routes settling in the Carpathia Basin in Hungary.

-In 1978, a fossilized Kuvasz was found in Keszthely, a Hungarian city, and was dated back to the 9th century, which makes this breed one of the oldest identifiable breeds known.

-Nearly all Kuvasz dogs in Hungary had been killed by the end of World War II. German and Soviet soldiers killed them due to their fierce protective nature in guarding their families.

-Delilah, a female Kuvasz, was featured in the movie, Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco.

Please stay tuned for the book to see just how Halo figures into the mystery.

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