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D Is For David Seybold – An Obituary

David Seybold departed life at the young age of 30. He lived his life with gusto as evidenced by his motto: Slick cars, sexy woman and serious money.

David was born to Roger and Linda Seybold, who provided him with a stable and loving childhood. His parents doted on David and likely knew nothing of the multitude of dastardly deeds under his belt. David was the middle child and had an older brother and younger sister. In addition to aunts, uncles and cousins, David had a niece and nephew he spent little time with.

The phrase, “life of the party”, had often been associated with David. He had a huge personality and a knack for being able to talk to anyone. He excelled in sports in high school and was voted Homecoming King as well as mostly likely to schmooze his was out of a traffic ticket. He attended Notre Dame University where he enjoyed an active social life. He’d even been known to appear at a record fourteen parties in one night, where he offered his full attention to each party’s unique vibe.

During his days at Notre Dame, he met Justin Tanner, his freshman roommate. Justin was focused on school and while they could have fun together, David soon learned Justin had come into his life to bail him out of the inevitable tight spot he found himself in. David also met Neal Wingate. While Neal was older by a year, David took it upon himself to teach this poor, clueless-about-women chap the ways of a self professed party ambassador of Notre Dame. Neal learned well under David’s tutelage.

After escaping, with the help of best friend Justin, a particularly dangerous situation involving drugs and unpaid gambling debts, David decided it was time to consider his future. He joined ROTC and after graduation entered the Army.

David used his education to become a valued intelligence officer in the Army Special Forces. He achieved the rank of Captain before being honorably discharged after an unfortunate incident with his commanding officer’s wife in a compromising position. This had been the second time he “befriend” a military wife and, as luck would have it, he was allowed to separate honorably.

Moving on to his next venture, David used his incredible talent in information technology and intelligence to start his own consulting firm. He excelled in business and much to his delight amassed hefty sums from his clients. However, given that he was an eager and thirsty businessman, David longed for more at any cost.

Shortly after separating from the military, David attended an engagement party of an acquaintance. He convinced Justin to attend the party as well. Justin, being a surgeon, had been delayed at the hospital, but arrived to find David occupied and seemingly mesmerized by a beautiful woman. That woman, Marissa Nash, eventually became his fiancée.

While Marissa satisfied his need for a sexy woman, soon David learned that he was just too much for one, and availed himself to others. He saw it as a public service and never as an affront to Marissa.

In life as in death, David held secrets, which likely were initiated to satisfy one or all components of his motto.

Unfortunately one June morning, David met with a tragic end one week before his wedding to Marissa. His death was a shock to the two people closest to him, Marissa and his best man, Justin. David’s last endeavor, most likely on par with his usual wild, risk taking habits, remains a mystery to Marissa and Justin. David, even in death, continues to play a significant role in the lives of Marissa and Justin as they are left to cope with the deadly fallout of his antics.

Funeral services will be held at the church David and Marissa were to be married in.

Rest in peace David, because your friends won’t get any.

Want to learn more about David’s secrets? Please stay tuned for my novel Order of Fear, out later this year.

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