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G is for Geography

Geography is an important aspect to creating a story world. The country, state and/or community is essential in showing not only where the characters live but also how they live and evolve.

In my soon to be released book Order of Fear, the story starts with Marissa using a business trip to escape the problems she’s having back home in Virginia. She goes to Salt Lake City, Utah where she marvels at the beauty of the landscape and daydreams about running off to a ski resort in the mountains. For Marissa, Utah represents a temporary reprieve from her troubled life. Little does Marissa know that her problems are about to get worse when she returns to Virginia.

The remainder of the story takes place around Virginia and Washington, D.C. Many of the intense action scenes take place on the busy streets of Washington, D.C. and then move to the forests near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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