J Is For...

J is for Justin Tanner

Dr. Justin Tanner is a complicated man. He’s also the hero of my novel, Order of Fear. Here are three facts about Justin:

1. Justin’s father, Army General Phillip Tanner, inspired him to not only go into the Army Medical Corps as a trauma surgeon, but also in principles of doing what’s right and valuing life. After his parents were killed in a plane crash, Justin created the General Tanner Training and Rehab Center, specifically dedicated to helping wounded active military and veterans.

2. Justin and his young niece, Samantha, have a special relationship. Wendy, Justin’s sister, divorced her husband when Sam was a baby. Justin invited Wendy and Sam to live in his house and quickly becames the top male in Sam’s life. During the story, Justin and Sam even take a ballet lesson together.

3. The events of a horrific attack on the war hospital Justin was stationed at in Iraq, severely affected him. Justin himself was injured, but many more were killed, including his close friend, Laura, a nurse. Justin blamed himself for not saving her. When he returned to the U.S., he suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder and drank to dull his pain. When the story begins he hasn’t had a drink in years but is still dealing with PTSD. His issues bubble to the forefront as his feelings for Marissa Nash flourish. During Justin’s journey, he will come face to face with decisions that will take him back to the battlegrounds of Iraq and impact the lives of those he loves.

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