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L is for LOVE

Love is an overwhelming theme in the upcoming book, Order of Fear. Of course as a romantic suspense book, the hero and heroine share an intense attraction that develops into love and will be central in the story. But there are other types of love at play as well. Among the specific theme of love, three of the strongest are love of country, family and friendship.

Love of Country: His family is steeped in the military with both his father and uncle as generals. Justin honors them by entering the Medical Corps and excelling as a doctor. His commitment to saving wounded soldiers is so strong that when his unit is attacked in Iraq Justin puts his life on the line to try to save fellow soldiers. He continues that commitment by opening a center catering to vets focusing on rehabilitation, exercise, and issues plaguing soldiers returning from war.

Love of Family: Both Marissa and Justin place a high value on family. Marissa leans on her parents and even an overbearing sister, after the shocking discovery of her dead fiancé. When it becomes apparent that her life is in danger, her first concern is for the safety of her family. When Justin happens on a house that reminds him of one of the houses his family lived in, he buys it. As a bachelor the house is huge but soon his divorced sister and her young daughter move in. Justin loves spending time with his niece and the two have developed a special bond. Like Marissa, when his life becomes endangered, he moves his sister and niece out of the house and in with their aunt and uncle. As the story moves along, it becomes apparent that the evil threatening Justin and Marissa will touch their families in horrific fashion.

Love of Friendship: Marissa is extremely close to her best friend, Kelly. As with most best friends, Kelly is privy to information most others aren’t when it comes to Marissa’s inner most feelings. Kelly even named Marissa that godmother of her son. Justin and David, the fiancé, are old college friends. Justin supported David through many of his college lows from drunken binges, gambling debts, and drug dealer obligations. Years later, Justin is now David’s best man, and feels conflicted. He knows David’s past and even knows that David hasn’t remained faithful to Marissa. While he wants to support his friend, whom he feels an allegiance based on the man Justin first befriended, he knows David will hurt Marissa. After David is murdered Justin steps in to support Marissa as they peel away secrets and deadly layers that threatened them both.

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