The Climb

I’m an avid gym-goer and I love the rush from pushing my muscles to work harder. While there are physical benefits, I also use exercise for stress relief, although it doesn’t always work.

Today, instead of a run on the treadmill or a trip on the elliptical, I jumped on the Stairmaster. Rather than simply raising my foot as each step revolved, I lifted my leg parallel, straining my muscles even more with the increased resistance.

As I prayed for my session to end, I had a thought—climbing revolving stairs until it hurt is kind of like my writing journey. While I’d love to one day have the title, New York Time Bestseller after my name, my end destination is not a place or even a designation, but a feeling and a sense of accomplishment. Creating stories that are well written, with interesting plots, and intriguing characters is hard, and sometimes even painful. But, after the story has been revised, reworded, and pounded into a marketable book, much like the end of a hard Stairmaster session, I’m sweaty, tired, and maybe in a little pain, but I can look at the experience and think—yea, I did that!

Here’s to all those making the climb!


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