What A Great Summer!

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This summer was especially eventful for me. My husband and I took our three girls and headed out on vacation. We couldn’t decide whether we wanted to go to the desert or the beach, so we opted for both. First we flew to Las Vegas then traveled back across the country to Florida, our final destination, Amelia Island. Here are the top ten things I enjoyed.

  1. Marveling at the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon.

  2. A helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon

  3. Tour of the Hoover Dam

  4. Las Vegas show - Cirque du Soleil’s “O”

  5. Traveling through the Joshua Trees forest

  6. Enjoying the serene atmosphere of living steps from the ocean

  7. Listening to the roar of ocean waves and walking along the shore

  8. Exploring the awesome city of St. Augustine

  9. Hiking through the tropical woods of the resort

  10. Making memories with my family

Here's an excerpt from Order of Malice. And wouldn't you know - the characters travel to St. Augustine on their quest to find hidden objects before time runs out.

Holly read the clue:

Wished youth may remain long

The urn appears in the plot of sol and blossoms

An aquifer delivers the promise

And springs forth in the land of flowers”

Cody leaned forward from the back of the SUV. “I’m sure we’re right. Florida is the sunshine state, and sol is another word for sun.”

“Also, Florida is a Spanish word meaning land of flowers.” Lila sighed.

Reid nodded. “Agreed. I like to run things over in my head.”

Holly pulled a brochure from her purse. “I picked this up in the airport.” She flipped open the brochure. “St. Augustine, founded in 1565, is the oldest city in America. Located in St. Augustine is the Fountain of Youth, discovered by Ponce de Leon. The Fountain of Youth is fed through an underground spring, or aquifer, and the legend claims youth is restored to anyone who drinks from this fountain.”

“We’ve covered everything.” Reid glanced at the clock on the SUV’s console. “We’re approximately fifty miles from St. Augustine, and we should arrive well before the afternoon deadline.” Reid’s phone buzzed. “Holly, can you get that?”

She glanced at the screen. “It’s Arrow.”

Reid huffed out a sigh and angled the SUV off the nearest highway ramp. He pulled into a gas station, picked up his phone, and opened the video. Arrow’s men were stationed at a holiday parade. A banner indicated a town somewhere in Ohio.

“We can’t afford to make a mistake or innocent people will die.” Holly leaned her head back against the headrest.


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