The Lake House Anthology is now Available!

The Lake House Anthology is a multi-genre romance anthology. Quirky, sweet, a little creepy, and intense - there's something for everyone in this anthology. For the third year I have contributed a story. My romantic suspense short story entitled, When Morning Comes, is an intense ride about misplaced retribution.

The Lake House is now Available!

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When storms of the past come rushing ashore, can she keep her head above water?

During a trip to her family’s lake house, Brynn wants to rejuvenate her relationship with her boyfriend and finally confront the memories of a tragic boating accident. When her plans go astray, she is plunged into dark waters as a dive into the past brings new terror.


“I have a problem, Brynn. I like you. With your dark hair and sexy curves, I could have had a good time with you, but I didn’t.” He leaned in closer. “Because you’re a vindictive murderer.” He sneered, spittle spraying across her cheek. “But my stance might change.”

Brynn raised her eyebrows. “I haven’t murdered anyone. You have the wrong person.”

He slammed her into a chair in front of Darryl and in seconds had her legs bound. Rob straightened and surveyed his work.

Brynn’s mouth went dry. “Let us go. I don’t know what you want but I can give you money.”

“Don’t insult me. I don’t want your money. Once I complete my task, I’ll have exactly what I’ve been yearning for all these years.” His jaw clenched then he slapped her.

The slap rocked her skull, and her vision sparked with white lights. How would she get out of this? Shaun wouldn’t be here for hours.

Rob inhaled and stared at the lake before turning to Brynn. He stalked toward her and shoved the gun into her hand. “Shoot him.” He wrapped his arms around her, covering her limp grip with his strong, determined one.

Her breath hitched. “I’m not shooting Darryl. Are you mad?”

“Shoot. Him.” Rob’s guttural voice thundered in her ears.

“I…I can’t.” She raised her chin. “I won’t.”

Darryl blinked in rapid motion as he observed their interaction.

With his mouth next to her ear, he said, “You got away with murder once. I’m sure you’ll find it easy to kill again. You will shoot him.”

Brynn held her breath and struggled against his hold. “No!”

Rob squeezed her fingers against the trigger. “Darryl, you should have learned to mind your business. Today isn’t your lucky day.” Rob guided her aim, angling the gun at Darryl’s head, and fired.

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