Tis the Season

Has anyone else been binge watching holiday movies on the Hallmark channel? Okay, I know I write stories about murder and the seedier side of the human existence, but I’m also a romance writer and this gives me credence to claim my hours in front of the television is all in the name of research.

The holiday Hallmark movies have captured my attention since November. I’ve re-watched some of my favorites and fell in love with some of the new ones. I don’t normally ravenously consume romance movies, but holiday stress has taken hold and I’ve yearned for something simple and happy. I usually devour the twenty-four-hour news cycle but I’m fed up with bad news and vicious back and forth of politics.

Of course I know how each Hallmark movie will end and after a couple of movies, the formula is predictable. However, something about watching a light happily ever after, thrown in with stunning decorations, beautiful settings, and a gorgeous cast, makes me want to run to the kitchen, sing carols, and whip up a batch of sugar cookies.

Don’t get me wrong, my life is pretty great and I look forward to spending happy times with my family, but let’s face it, who’s life is Hallmark happy? I dare say very few and if there is someone mirroring these syrupy, sweet love stories, I’d sure like to meet them.

I find the two hours spent lapping up the sappy stories fun and sometimes fodder for jokes about the usual plot devices, such as the jerk boyfriend, the character who suddenly realizes what Christmas is all about, the panic to save the Christmas tree lot, or the intelligent child who recognizes true love when the adults are clueless. It’s all lighthearted fun culminating in true love’s kiss.

So, from now until January, I’ll be curled up with my favorite blanket while sipping hot chocolate as I indulge in what’s come to be one of my favorite pastimes of the season – devouring Hallmark movies as if they were the winning cookie in my town’s Christmas cookie baking championship.

Wishing you Happy Holidays, the Hallmark kind!

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