New Year, Fresh Goals

Happy 2018!

Whew! I feel like I just expelled a huge breath. The holidays were fun and completely exhausting. Now that the decorations are stored and my house is back to normal, I can turn my attentions to the new year. Like many, I examined 2017 and now look to 2018 with fresh goals (well, a couple are holdovers from last year that didn’t quite see the success I’d like).

I decided to take the additional step of publicly announcing my author goals. Here are some of my 2018 goals:

Better Organization

Okay, this is the holdover from last year. My office is not a complete pig sty but it could stand a bit of improvement. I also need to pay attention to massive pile of unread emails. This one is going to take awhile!

Increase productivity

I have school-aged kids and a husband who works constantly, so my writing thus far is interspersed among their lives. While my family appreciates my passion, sometimes it gets dwarfed. This year, I will increase my productivity by placing boundaries on my time. Of course, if someone is bleeding and my husband can’t pick up a kid from practice, I’m on it, but during my specified writing time, I want to be left alone. Let’s see how it goes!

Embrace being a writer

Okay, I have a few books on Amazon. Now what? I’ve been struggling with the notion of what’s next. Then one day, it came to me – keep going. Duh! How simple. I realized I had to catch up with my writer life. First, I needed to congratulate myself on reaching a life-long goal. I actually did it! Then, I had to practice saying I’m a writer. I’m still working on that one. Finally, I asked the question: Where do you want be? The answer: I want to continue writing, improve on my craft, and write stories that not only others enjoy, but also ones I do as well. So, my goal here is to keep going!

Journal more

I have started several journals over the years but over time my attention to them fades. I enjoy journaling and think it plays a critical part not only in creativity but also staying sane in a crazy world. My daughter bought me a beautiful journal over the holidays and I intend to fill it over the course of the year.

My new journal came in this awesome box (journal pictured in the lid of the box), with cute comfy socks, a soy candle, and that awesome fluffy robe. I have no excuses!

This is all in addition to my specific publishing/writing goals:

  • Publish Order of Rage this Spring

  • Complete draft of next and probably last book in the Order Series, title TBD

  • Plot next series

There will be ups and downs, but here’s hoping your dreams come true in 2018!

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