Meet Sloane Maxwell - A New Force in The Order Series

Wonder Woman (DC’s Justice League). Princess Leia (Star Wars). Elphaba (Wicked). Even Nurse Ratched (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), Mrs. Danvers (Rebecca) Cruella de Vil (One Hundred and One Dalmatians). Just a few examples of strong women, whether good or bad. I love to read (and watch) female characters who are capable of taking care of themselves.

When I set about writing my character Sloane Maxwell, of the Order Series, I knew I wanted her to be a strong character with a vulnerable side. She’d lived a pampered life with the best of everything but Sloane didn’t agree with her family and principles of The Order. After the murder of her father, at the hands of her brother, Lance, and mother, Sloane makes a huge decision. With the help of retired CIA agent, Rhoda Ellery (a strong woman in her own right), Sloane flees her family, and changes her last name from Sinclair to Maxwell. As a research scientist, Sloane makes her home in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sloane doesn’t take her “freedom” for granted. She understands her brother will hunt her down, drag her back to their estate, and kill her. She updates her house with top-notch security, advances her training in jiu jitsu, learns to fire a weapon, and establishes a few safe houses in the area in case she needs to escape. This character grooms herself to fight and actually engages with men twice her size. More than the physical and structural components Sloane builds in her life, she also has a strong sense of self. While in Boston she develops close friendships but is mindful not to disclose her past. She cares for her friends and fears their safety if they know her past. When Sloane meets FBI agent, Adam Forrester, her heart flips and she lands in a situation she hasn’t prepared for. Despite her precautions, her friends become endangered when Lance discovers her. Sloane vows to do anything within her power to keep her friends safe. Her mental toughness in the face of danger makes her one of my favorite characters to write.

Catch Sloane’s store in Book Three of the Order Series, Order of Rage, coming Spring 2018.

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