The Creativity Highway

I had a light bulb moment today. I’m a regular at my gym where I sweat it out on the Stairmaster, run on the treadmill, lift weights and, endure sessions in the sauna. With no negative feelings involved, I have shied away from classes and personal trainers. Most of the time I attribute my aversion to engaging with trainers or participating in classes as just my introverted nature claiming its dominance. There’s something about being in my own mind and competing against myself to lift more, run farther, or climb more stairs that gives me joy. Today, however as I pushed myself on my run, the proverbial light bulb illuminated above my head. Although, I have music pumping through my earbuds, I’m alone with my thoughts. I’m a firm believer in the freedom and bliss that comes from a runner’s high. I believe working out without someone else guiding me opens my creativity highway. Similar to deriving brilliant thoughts while in the shower, I’ve grasped the best ideas during the middle of my workouts. Plot problems, new story concepts, character ideas, and marketing campaigns have all come while wearing comfortable gym leggings and glistening with perspiration. I’ve come to look forward to the mental clarity that comes from exercise and being in tune with my thoughts. Now, if I can get these ideas down on paper in the spirit from which they were imagined!

Do you have a certain activity or place where your creativity highway opens?

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